Automated OCRS

OCRs - are systems that can solve CAPTCHAs automatically, no humans involved. They are faster and more robust.
Some of the CAPTCHAs can be solved with DeCaptcher state-of-the-art OCRs. For those you have three options to choose. You can choose here, if you'd like to solve your CAPTCHAs by
OCRs only,
by humans only or,
for the best quality, by both OCRs and humans combined.
If not stated otherwise, the price is the same. Please notice: if you receive a 'nosee' string returned by OCR on your CAPTCHA, then your CAPTCHA in some way is different from one the OCR expected.
Be advised, the 'OCR only' mode is in development, and it's success rate might not be very good at the moment. If you chose to solve your CAPTCHAs with OCRs only, you still can send some CAPTCHAs to humans only. Use picture_type 87, it will send CAPTCHAs to humans only. You can use our recaptcha nocaptcha OCR (picture type 82). It has a sligthly different reply format. It only works when you have an example picture. For example, when you send example and 6 other pictures, the reply format is:
4 3 1 2 6 5
1 means the most probable correct one, 2 is the next one and so one with 6 - the less probable one. So you should use pictures marked as 1 and 2. And the if the challenge asks you for more 3 and so on.

Right now the following CAPTCHAs (excluding recaptcha, which we also can) could be solved by the default OCR engine.

OK - correctly solved rate
Rej - rejected by the system
Err - accepted, but incorrectly solved

Ok = 50% Rej = 42% Err = 8%

Ok = 90% Rej = 9% Err = 1%

Ok = 98% Rej = 1% Err = 1%

Ok = 93% Rej = 6% Err = 1%

Ok = 48% Rej = 43% Err = 9%

Ok = 90% Rej = 8% Err = 2%

Ok = 33% Rej = 57% Err = 10%

Ok = 93% Rej = 6% Err = 1%

Ok = 72% Rej = 22% Err = 6%

The list will be updated, so you may want to check it again later.
This site is dedicated to image recognition and may be used in research purposes only. This is the place where OCRs are born.